Did you know that all real estate sign post installs require that DigSafe be contacted prior to its install?  

In a very recent email exchange DigSafe was helpful to explain the following to us.  A real estate sign that can be pushed into the ground by hand or foot would not need a call.  But if any excavating or tools are being used then they must be contacted first, it is the law fines and damaged utility lines can cost thousands of dollars!  DigSafe then has all the utility lines marked for safety reasons.  

Most understand that the standard wood post that has a hole dug needs a call.  But even the newer, modern metal post using the metal stake require a call. Because a large hammer is needed to place the metal stake it falls into the category of needing a call.  Do you know many installers are not calling and you and your brokerage and sellers are at risk.

At Zippy Sign Installs we contact DigSafe each and every time.  We record the ticket number they supply for our records and reference later.  We will always do the right job the right way, you can count on that! DigSafe can have a site marked with-in 24 hours or less, total time for DigSafe and post installs are running about 3 days.

Rules & Law

99.12: Civil Penalties (1) Any person, contractor, excavator or company found by the Department to have violated any provision of the Dig Safe law or regulation adopted by the Department shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 for the first offense, and not less than $5,000 nor more than $10,000 for any subsequent offense. On a subsequent offense, if a respondent demonstrates a period of 12 consecutive months within which the Department has not found the respondent in violation of the Dig Safe law, the Department shall cite respondent the first offense civil penalty of $1,000. (2) In determining the amount of the civil penalty, the Department shall consider the nature, circumstances and gravity of the violation; the degree of the respondent's culpability; the respondent's history of prior offenses; and the respondent's level of cooperation with the requirements of 220 CMR 99.00.