How do I know you received my order?

We will email you a confirmation email when you place your order and a confirmation email after the task has been reported complete.

I have something special that I want to tell you about the order. How do I do that?

Please enter any special instructions under the "Additional Comments" field on the order form.  Please use as much space as necessary.

The homeowner said the the "sign" I asked you to remove is still at the property. What happened?

A possibility is that the homeowner pulled up the sign and placed it in the garage, shed, or other inaccessible place, and we were not able to retrieve it. There is a charge to go back to retrieve your signage.

I don't like where you installed the post-sign, and want it moved. Is there a charge for that?

We will place the post anywhere you like on the property as long as it is DigSafe approved and legal, and you inform us on the order where  you would like it. If you choose, however, to allow us to use our best judgment, and then disagree with our selection, then there is a service call charge to go back and move it. You can also

place a small maker or flag on the area of install.

The sign was stolen or damaged and I want you to reinstall it. Is there a charge for that?

Yes, any service requests due to vandalism, car damage or other causes that are beyond our control are chargeable.  Also the cost to replace a post that is damaged, stolen, lost or missing is $55.00.

I have a "lot for sale", or a particular spot in the yard (because of a flower bed/underground sprinkler/invisible dog fence/etc.), where I and the property owner want the sign to go. I would like to meet you there to show you. How can I schedule that?

Due to the high volume of signs we install on any given day, it is very difficult to meet our customers at the site at a particular time. The best way to insure we place the sign where you would like it, is to place a marker. We suggest:

1. White DigSafe marker flags, we provide at no cost to the agent or homeowner. DigSafe will then mark the flag as free from underground utilities

2. If we brake through a sprinkler line we will fix it but if an outside vendor takes care of the problem we will not be responsible for the cost of the repair or the water bill that occurred if any.

3. Directional arrows on site will be flagged for utilities by DigSafe If we are told to look for a maker on a property without special circumstances, and there is no marker present, our installer will use their best judgment upon DigSafe instructions. We do this to avoid delay and to save you the cost of a service call. If you dislike the location, there will be a service call charge to move it.

Please remember also that New Years Day, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are Federal Holidays that do not count as business days.