Zippy Sign Installers Residential Agreement & Sign Policies 04/1/2016


1.) Install and Remove Order’s

Log in to place your sign order at www.Zippysigninstalls.com. Under agent log in tab. Or use our free app to place your orders.

We are DigSafe complaint and will follow the bylaws of each state.

Before ordering your sign post install please mark the location with a WHITE flag.  We will need the property address and city information to move forward on the post install. Once received DigSafe maybe contacted.Turn around time from order to install is normally 3 days. Not including weekend and holidays.

Our office hours are M-F 7AM –4:00 for your convenience. You may call our office after hours at anytime to inquire about any sign orders placed.

Install orders are billed on a per sign basi with net 15 days payment or pay as you go with a CC on file. Multiple signs on the same property are charged as additional sign orders.

Zippy Sign Installers will make every attempt to complete installation and removal orders as soon as possible. We provide service Mon.-Fri. and our standard policy allows 3 business days for completion. We cannot guarantee service on a specific day.

For clarification, the term "3 business days" is defined as follows:

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. will be considered placed the next business day. Weekends and all holidays are not considered business days.

We will make every effort to complete orders before the weekend.

However, we cannot guarantee this service on orders placed on Thursday and Friday. As a standard policy, orders placed before 1:00 p.m. Thursday will be completed no later than the end of the day on Tuesday. An exception to the 3 business day completion policy would be hazardous weather conditions including rain, snow, ice, frozen ground,below zero temp, wrong info provided by agent,labor shortage, out of zone areas, traffic.

Work typically will be halted during inclement weather and not resumed until work conditions are deemed safe and rain free as most post receive a fresh coat of paint upon every install. In these cases, your order may take longer to complete.If an order is placed stating that it cannot be done until a specific date, we consider that date as the first business day of the 3 business day policy. We will attempt to complete the order as close as possible to your request.

We serve all of New England.

Additional trip charge may be added outside our normal coverage areas.

Call for details before ordering,

If we go to a property and the agent, owner or tenants do not allow a sign to be installed, a install charge will be charged $45.00. Agents should verify that there is a flagged location for installation of a post before the order is placed. Zippy Sign Installers cannot install a post in asphalt, cement, brick or any solid surface. If there is no location to safely install a post on a property, only a sign panel may be tied to the house or building. For safety reasons, posts cannot be tied. If there is no place to safely tie the sign panel, no sign will be installed. Permission from the homeowner in writing is required before nails or screws are used to attach a sign bracket to the listing. Zippy Sign Installers can place sign panels only on the first story of a house or building.

Zippy Sign Installers employees/sub contractors cannot climb fences to complete an order. If there is not easy access into an area, and there is no other area to install the sign, a panel may be attached to a fence or building. Lots, land, and new construction sites should be marked for sign location before the order is placed with us. Sign location should be at least 5 feet away from sidewalks, walkways, driveways, etc for safety, unless otherwise specified by town zoning regulations.

In most towns throughout New England, real estate signs are not allowed between the sidewalk and the curb, this area is considered Town or City property.

Agents can email property install address. Zippy Installs will charge an additional $5.00 to enter agent info. Manual input with post install rental fee total will be: $50.00  To avoid this fee agents are encouraged to use the on line system at all times.

Removal orders should be placed at least 3 business days before the closing in order to greater insure return of signs and posts. If we go to a property, and no sign post is visible or found by the driver (locked in garage, thrown away, etc), a service charge of $55.00 will be charged and your office will be notified that we did not retrieve the post and panel. We cannot enter garages, sheds, fenced areas etc. Zippy Sign Installers may determine that an order is outside our service area and decline to complete that order or add a surcharge. Orders outside our service area are not included in the 3 business day completion policy.

All install and remove orders should be done by Zippy Sign Installs. We reserve the right to discontinue service if we find orders using our posts, have been done by agents, other sign companies or representatives of your office.We only use our painted pressure treated 4”x 4”x 8’ wood posts & our vinyl post for installations. All post are clean from any defects at time of install.

Zippy Sign Installs will not be responsible for any and all agent riders or non inventory signage where the agent decides to hang their own when left on our rental sign posts.It is the responsibility of the agent to remove riders prior to sign removal. If rider are not removed at the time of removal, rider will be left at the property by the front door.

Removal of your old/past sign company's equipment I.E post & panels will be charged a $25.00 service fee and become the sole property of Zippy Sign Installs LLC.

2.) Repair/Service Orders

Repairs due to normal wear & tear within the first 30 days of installation will be completed at no charge.Repairs due to extreme weather conditions (high winds, winter storms, heavy rain storms etc) vandalism, or owner removal will be charged based on each situation from a partial to full install charge.Repairs needed to repair peeling paint are done at no charge. Just submit a “fix” for the location and put 'PAINT' in the directions box. Other charges may apply if additional services are required when we go out to paint the post.Repairs due to frozen ground conditions and subsequent thawing will be charged based on each situation.Our service charges are billed out at $25.00

3.) Sign Panels & Riders

Sign panels are inventoried monthly. Your monthly sign panel inventory is available both online (after the 3rd day of the month). We reserve the right to discard any panel or rider that we consider to be in poor condition or unusable.

Riders can be added at time of installation for FREE if left at the property at time of install. There is no extra fee for storing your sign panels. We do not inventory or store sign riders at this time.

We will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken panels and riders. If requested, we can deliver panels or riders to your office for a $25.00 service charge.

4.) Incorrect or Incomplete Orders

Our service is based on the quality of information we receive. It is important that this information be stated clearly, be complete, and be correct. An order will not be considered received until the house number, street, town, and color and style of the house or building are provided. The color is particularly important as it allows us to verify the address. The 3 business day allowance policy (or 5 business day policy for commercial signs) begins when all of the correct information is received. If we travel to the address provided by your office, and we are unable to confirm that we have the proper location due to incorrect information given, a service call may be charged. In the event homeowner denies install for any reason upon arrval agent will be charged full install cost.

5.) Lost or Damaged Posts

For a quality installation we offer, 4 x 4 x 8 pressure treated or vinyl posts that are provided by Zippy Sign Installers. Your office is responsible for the rental of our post, insuring the return of the posts in good condition. Damages are usually avoided by calling in removals at least 3 business days prior to the closing or expiration of the listing agreement. Loss or non-repairable damage to posts will result in a charge of $55.00.

6.) Appointments with Agents or Property Owners

Because it is difficult to predict our time schedule during any given day, it is also difficult to set up appointment times to meet agents or property owners. If it is considered necessary to show sign placement, it is suggested that the location be marked with a temp sign or one of our WHITE flags and any special instructions be given to us within our online order system.

7.) Permission for Right to enter property / Damage Waiver

By placing any order, you give Zippy Sign Installers and its subcontractors, permission to enter that property to complete the job. With this permission, comes the knowledge that we will be installing a sign post up to 18 inches into the ground and painting the post. Please note this means that there will be wet paint on the post for a short period of time. At times of inclement weather, we will return to the property to paint the post at a later date. Please keep in mind, that although Zippy Sign Installers takes every precaution, it is impossible to see underground piping, such as sprinkler systems, gas lines, dog fences, or cable TV lines. DigSafe will mark all utilities. Any damages to dog fences, sprinkler systems, underground utilities or other objects will be the responsibility of the agent, or the agent’s office. It is the responsibility of the Zippy Sign Installs and/or homeowner to determine if approvals are needed from utility companies or if "Dig Safe" needs to be called to mark any underground utilities a minimum of 3 days before the order is placed to install the sign, and then mark a location that is clear of such hazards.

Zippy Sign Installers does not contact homeowners directly for location information. If no marker is provided, Zippy Sign Installers will assume that all underground obstacles are below the 27 inches required for installation and not in the area where the sign will be installed. We are not responsible for any damages made to underground objects of any kind and if we are charged for damage to underground objects, we reserve the right to bill the agent or agent’s office for the damages.

8.) Payments

All new clients are required to use a C.C. when ordering for the first 60 days of service. After 60 days of service, your account will be reviewed, a positive review will result in extension of credit. Payment is expected to be received in full within 15 days from invoice date. Interest on past due amounts will be charged at 1.5%. If payment is not received by 60 days from the bill closing date, work may be suspended until payment is made. The three business day policy for sign installations and removals does not apply if your account is at least 60 days past due. If past due bills are sent to a collection agency or court action is required to collect money owed to Zippy Sign Installers a $200.00 collection fee each post, and court costs, and/or collection fees may be charged PLUS attorney fees.

The prices charged by Zippy Sign Installers for sign installation covers the cost of installing your signs.

There is no charge for sign removals. Zippy Sign Installs reserves the right to remove any or all installed signs if past due invoice(s) are not paid in full within 61 days after the invoice date. The customer will still be responsible for all charges even if signs are removed due to non-payment.

9.) Termination of Agreement

Should your office or Zippy Sign Installers choose to discontinue service, a written termination of services agreement may be faxed or emailed to our/your office. You will be responsible for picking up your sign panels, riders, and any other office-owned equipment which will be made available by appointment only, after all due and past due invoices are paid in full. Zippy Sign Installers will remove signs for 30 days after the last sign was installed for your company or office. After 30 days has ended, your office will be responsible for immediately returning all posts that remain up within 1 week, or arrange terms for purchasing or paying $45.00 for the posts that we show remain up. If no agreements are made to purchase, pay for, or return of our posts, Zippy Sign Installers WILL remove/recover any or all posts that are still up and hold until full payment is made.

10.) Inactive Customers

If there are no transactions by a customer for a period of 4 months or more and there is no notification of termination of services, Zippy Sign Installers reserves the right to remove all standing signs and discard all panels and riders. Missing posts will be billed to the customer.

11.) Cancellation Of Order

All cancelled orders need to be done on line in our UPSIGNDOWN software program. Any orders NOT cancelled online are subject to the install fee. Cancellation needs to be completed by agent ONLINE 12 hours prior to install . All post are custom made for you new listing. Once install moves from pending to scheduled install, your order can not be canceled and the $45.00 install fee applies. If order is not canceled online as per above instructions a credit will be given to the agents next listing. Phone calls or emails will not be accepted. Further, ORDER CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS

Zippy Sign LLC can only provide refunds for POST orders that are classified as “Processing” status. Custom panels and riders are ineligible for refunds, as well as completed custom panel designs. If your POST order is still “Processing” and you wish to cancel it for a refund, please follow the steps within your Customer Dashboard.

Once your POST order is canceled, and if you are eligible for a refund, a credit will be applied to the original method of payment used to place your order. Please allow refunds approximately 2-15 business days to complete processing. If you have received notification from Zippy Sign LLC that your refund has processed and have not received your refund in a timely manner, please contact your bank or credit card provider. Processing times vary among different banks and credit card providers. You may also contact us at zippysigninstalls@gmail.com if your bank or credit card provider cannot provide you with any refund information within this time period.

12) Web Site Privacy

Zippy Sign Installers is committed to providing our customers quality services in the field and online. By registering with or contacting us through Zippy Sign Installers web site, you agree that any information or comments you provide may be used without restriction to process customer orders and improve or market our products and services. We will exercise reasonable efforts to keep the information secure.

Zippy Sign Installers recognizes and respects your online privacy.Remember that email is not necessarily secure against interception. If your communication is very sensitive, or includes personal information, you might want to send it by postal mail instead.Our online ordering system is fully secure for credit card processing via a 3rd party called Square Up.

13.) Policy Term

By checking the accept box you agree to the Term Of Service with in this agreement upon creating a new account. Date of acceptance, which is the date that you or your company placed your first sign order by the web ordering system, email, or phone, until terminated by either Zippy Installers or agent in writing. This policy is effective 4/1/2016 and will automatically renew without notice. Term's may be changed at our discretion without notice.